LinkedIn Potential:

Building a Strong Personal Brand for graduate

List of modules:


1. Introduction to LinkedIn:
– Overview of the platform and its purpose.
– Why LinkedIn is essential for professionals.

2. Creating a Strong Profile:
– Crafting an impactful headline.
– Writing a compelling summary.
– Selecting an appropriate profile picture.
– Detailing work experience and education.
– Adding skills and endorsements.

3. Building and Managing Your Network:
– Identifying and connecting with relevant contacts.
– Strategies for reaching out and networking effectively.
– Tips for managing and maintaining professional relationships.

4. Engaging with Content:
– Understanding different types of content on LinkedIn (posts, articles, etc.).
– Best practices for creating and sharing content.
– Engaging with others’ content (liking, commenting, sharing).

5. Utilizing LinkedIn Features:
– Exploring LinkedIn features like LinkedIn Groups, Events, and LinkedIn Learning.
– How to leverage features for personal and professional growth.

6. Job Search and Career Opportunities:
– Using LinkedIn for job searching.
– Setting up job alerts and saving searches.
– Tips for reaching out to recruiters and potential employers.

7. Building a Personal Brand:
– Defining your personal brand and its importance.
– Strategies for showcasing your expertise and value.
– Tips for building a consistent and professional online presence.

8. Networking Etiquette and Communication:
– Best practices for communication on LinkedIn.
– Responding to messages and connection requests.
– Maintaining professionalism in online interactions.

11. Q&A and Practical Exercises:
– Allow time for participants to ask questions.
– Provide exercises or activities for participants to apply what they’ve learned.


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