Persatuan Alumni Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (PAUTM) or also known as Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Alumni Association holds an official long history of service with UTM. It was initialized on 1986 with an aim to build a continues relationship between UTM and its graduates both socially and professionally. Throughout the years of service, PAUTM has gain the trust and feeling of dependable among the graduates towards UTM.


  • Promote friendship amongst the graduates.
  • Help improve member status in their technical and professional fields.
    Assist members in securing appropriate positions.
  • Assist in the educational welfare of its member through dissemination of the largest development in the technical fields.
  • Raise fund for the benefit of all members.
  • Instill the spirit of community service and to maintain high ideas in the engineering professional.
  • Advancing and fostering the relationship of friendship and establishing a cooperative attitude in the interests, welfare and academia of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) graduates and the National Institute of Technology (ITK) and Technical College (referred to as “graduates”) with the general public
  • Promote the involvement and participation of graduates with professional bodies and professional establishments both locally and abroad.
  • Encourage gatherings and ideas to give opinions, ideas, comments and improvements to solve economic, social and educational problems by participating in seminars, lectures, forums, career talks and so on.
  • Coordination of the profession of graduates where personal relationships and employment relationships can be created and maintained for ease of carrying out tasks and mutually assisting each other.
  • Raising graduates’ performance and introducing Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) as one of the world’s leading technology resources centers.
  • To issue any form of publication, paper Coordinator, Article or to achieve the above objectives.
  • Collaborate fully with UTMAlumni UTM for Alumni and University relationships in terms of fund and current information


UTM Alumni :

Graduates from Technical School, Technical College, National Technology Institutes (ITK) and in UTM varies form Certificate up till Doctorate level.

Associated Members includes:

  • Graduates of twining programs with UTM
  • Non-UTM Alumni lecturer
  • Individual that had covenant with UTM (by invitation)


Proud to be Alumni